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Employee Relations Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

View the message from Executive Director, Bryan Collier, regarding the agency's zero tolerance relating to illegal harassment and discrimination. The Agency's guidelines for the maintenance of a work environment free of sexual harassment is detailed in PD-13.

TDCJ Human Resources Executive Directives dealing with EEO and Discrimination issues include:

  • PD-12  Equal Employment Opportunity

  • PD-13  Sexual Harassment and Discourteous Conduct of a Sexual Nature

  • PD-31  Discrimination in the Workplace


Investigators are charged with investigating claims of harassment or discrimination based upon race, color, sex (including sexual harassment), religion, national origin, age (40 or above), disability, genetic information and retaliation for participating in a "protected activity", special situations, and other cases as directed. These cases are received through Intake. If a case meets the criteria for assignment to fact finding, the investigation begins and a conclusion is issued in the matter. This information is provided to the proper Agency official for action deemed appropriate in the matter.

Additionally, Investigators are responsible for responding to charges of discrimination filed with the Agency. These charges are received from the Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights Division and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Page updated: 04/03/2018