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Food Service Manager Salary Effective July 1, 2023

Food Service Manager Salary Schedule
Title *Monthly Salary **Maximum Security Salary Months of Employment
Food Service Manager II $4,026.91 $4,147.72 0 to 12
Food Service Manager II $4,139.90 $4,264.10 13 to 24
Food Service Manager II $4,252.89 $4,380.48 25 to 36
Food Service Manager II $4,497.43 $4,632.35 37 to 72
Food Service Manager III $4,742.00 $4,884.26 73+
Major of CO's, Food Service $5,576.05 $5,743.33 N/A

*Salary rates may differ for return-to-work retirees who are not ERS contributors.

**Correctional staff working on maximum-security facilities will receive an additional 3% as maximum-security differential (MSD) pay. Maximum-Security Facilities: Allred, Beto, Clements, Coffield, Connally, Darrington, Ellis, Estelle, Ferguson, Hughes, Lewis, McConnell, Michael, Montford, Polunsky, Robertson, Scott, Skyview, Smith, Stiles, Telford, Wainwright, Wynne


Page updated: 08/03/2023