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TDCJ Employment Application Forms

Apply Online

Applicants can create an account, complete the information needed on the State of Texas Employment Application and the TDCJ Supplement form, and upload documents, such as education documents, driver license and social security information.

New Applicants

Applicants seeking initial or re-employment with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice must complete both the State of Texas Application for Employment and the TDCJ Employment Application Supplement. Correctional Officer/Parole Officer Applicants must also complete the Statement of Availability, PERS-282b or PERS-282c.

Current TDCJ Employees

Current TDCJ employees seeking promotions or transfers must complete the State of Texas Application for Employment and the TDCJ Employment Application Supplement for Agency Applicants.

Please read our statement on Employment Application Falsification prior to submitting your application.

Verification of Employment Eligibility

Verification of eligibility for employment in the U.S. is required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. See page 9 of the Instructions for Employment Eligibility Verification for a complete list of acceptable documents for eligibility verification. Verification of employment eligibility will be completed on your first day of employment.

Individual Forms

Download individual forms in Microsoft Word and PDF formats from links provided below.

List of Application Forms
Form Name Word PDF
State of Texas Application for Employment, PERS 283   PERS 283 (PDF)
Additional Employment History Form Employment History (Word) Employment History (PDF)
TDCJ Employment Application Supplement for Agency Employees, PERS 598 PERS 598 (Word) PERS-598 (PDF)
TDCJ Employment Application Supplement, PERS 282 PERS 282 (Word) PERS-282 (PDF)
Additional Offender Information, PERS-282a PERS 282a (Word) PERS 282a (PDF)
Statement of Availability for Correctional Officers, PERS-282b PERS 282b (Word) PERS 282b (PDF)
Statement of Availability for Parole Officers, PERS-282c PERS 282c (Word) PERS 282c (PDF)

Required Documents

If you served in the U.S. military, you will be required to provide a copy of your DD Form 214 (Report of Separation). This must be the Member 4 copy or other copy that contains the type of discharge you received.

Need a copy of your DD-214? Request military records on-line from eVetRecs.

Selective Service Registration

If you are a male, age 18 through 25, you must provide a copy of your Selective Service Registration Card or other proof of registration or proof that you are exempt from registration. Register and/or get immediate proof of registration on-line.

Foreign Education Credentials

Foreign education credentials must be evaluated by an acceptable foreign education credential evaluation service and the results must be submitted with your employment application. View information about foreign education credentials.

Page updated: 09/06/2023