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Other Benefits

Surviving Family Members of CPOs/COs (Chapter 615 Benefits)

Benefits under Chapter 615 may be payable to beneficiaries of a member who dies “In the Line of Duty.” Occupational death means death from an injury resulting from an external force, an activity, or a disease caused by or resulting from a line of duty accident or from an illness caused by line-of-duty work under hazardous conditions. The term includes death from accidents or illnesses that directly results from an action a person is required or authorized by rule, condition of employment, or law to perform, including an action performed by the person at a social, ceremonial, athletic, or other function to which the person is assigned by the person’s employer.

The surviving spouse may receive a lump sum payment of $511,500, or the amount designated by the ERS Board of Trustees and monthly payments may be made to minor children (under 18). An eligible surviving spouse and minor children may be entitled to continue health benefits.

In the event of the death of a LECOS officer of TDCJ, the surviving spouse may be eligible to receive a monthly annuity and may receive a benefit up to but not to exceed $6,000 for funeral expenses.

Higher education benefits, which may include exemption from tuition, housing, textbooks, and fees at qualified Texas institutions of higher education, may be available to the surviving spouse or surviving children.

Federal Law Enforcement Dependents Assistance Act

TDCJ eligible spouses and children of custodial officers who are disabled or killed in the line of duty may be eligible for assistance. This benefit provides financial assistance for higher education to spouses and children. Approval is subject to criteria established by the Federal Government.

Laundry and Barber Services

Laundry and barber services are available to TDCJ employees.

Public Safety Officer’s Benefits

TDCJ eligible custodial officers who are permanently and totally disabled by a catastrophic injury sustained in the line of duty or eligible survivors of custodial officers who are killed in the line of duty may be eligible for Public Safety Officer's Benefits. This benefit is a one-time payment of $370,376. Approval is subject to criteria established by the Federal Government.

Texas Legal Protection Plan

The Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) is a Group Legal Benefit. Participation is voluntary and makes legal services more affordable. The employee establishes a bank draft payable directly to the TLPP. View additional information.

Texas Tomorrow Funds

Texas residency and/or U.S. Citizenship rules apply. Employees who choose to participate in the Texas Tomorrow Funds have the following options:

Texas College Savings Plan

The Texas College Savings Plan is a qualified 529 savings plan offered through the State. Managed by OFI Private Investments Inc. (OFIPI), a subsidiary of Oppenheimer Funds Inc., the plan offers 20 different investment portfolios, tax-free growth of your investment and tax-free withdrawals on earnings used for qualified higher education expenses. New applications and investments in the plan are accepted year-round and is still available to employees, but not as a payroll deduction. For more information visit:

Texas Tuition Promise Fund

Lock in tomorrow's college tuition costs today. The Texas Tuition Promise Fund will give you an important opportunity to prepay and save for your child's future education at any accredited public and private junior/community college as well as 4-year colleges and universities throughout the country. The Texas Tuition Promise Fund is a Section 529 prepaid tuition plan. The enrollment period starts September 1 of each year and continues through the end of February the following year. Enrollment for newborns or children less than one year has been extended to July 31. The length of future enrollment periods may change and this is not a payroll deduction. For more information visit:

Uniforms for Security Personnel

Uniforms are provided for authorized security staff and laundry of uniforms are provided at no charge.

Unit Commissary Privileges

Unit Commissary privileges are available to TDCJ employees.

Unit Meal Privileges

Unit meal privileges are available to TDCJ employees.

Workers’ Compensation

TDCJ employees who sustain a work-related injury/illness may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits as determined by the State Office of Risk Management (SORM). View PD-45, Workers' Compensation and Return to Work Program, for additional information.

Page updated: 09/12/2023