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Office of the Inspector General


OIG is a state law enforcement agency and employs both commissioned criminal investigators, crime analysts, and other support personnel. For vacancies, please go to the TDCJ Job Search. Positions are located geographically around the state and may be officed in a prison unit, regional office, imbedded within another state or federal agency, or a headquarter office.

Commissioned Criminal Investigators

OIG may send an individual through the basic police academy but most often seeks experienced peace officers who are licensed and currently commissioned with an agency in the state. Qualifying individuals who “lateral” to OIG may qualify for employment at the C3 salary level or C4 if they have prior investigative and major crimes experience.

Annual Salary Rates: Effective September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024

Annual Salary Rates: Effective September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024
Salary Group < 4 Years of Service ≥ 4 Years of Service ≥ 8 Years of Service ≥ 12 Years of Service ≥ 16 Years of Service ≥ 20 Years of Service
C1 $48,255          
C2 $52,441          
C3 $62,715 $76,452 $81,895 $85,513 $89,464 $93,414
C4   $85,696 $91,504 $95,254 $99,461 $101,941
C5   $97,306 $103,579 $107,560 $112,133 $114,948
C6   $121,221 $125,343 $127,874 $130,417 $131,982
C7   $126,033 $127,048 $129,399 $131,912 $134,424
C8   $142,608 $142,701 $142,758 $142,758 $142,758

State law enforcement may also receive hazardous duty pay equal to $10.00 per month of service; bilingual pay at $50.00 per month; and either license or education stipend up to a maximum of $150.00 per month.

Support Staff

Support staff positions include Case Managers assigned to Legal Section, Records Section, Information Technology (IT) positions, Human Resources, Budget and Procurement, as well as Crime Analysts - all of which support the agency mission and staff. Qualifications vary and some such as IT and Crime Analysts have career ladders that provide for enhanced pay and progression.

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