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Giving Offenders' Kids Incentive and Direction to Succeed

Programs and Services in the Community for Probationers, Parolees, Their Families and for the Families of Incarcerated Inmates

The following resource lists provide information on GO KIDS-oriented programs and services that are available to probationers, parolees, their families, and to the families of inmates incarcerated in TDCJ facilities.

As research indicates that children of inmates have a 70% greater likelihood of entering the criminal justice system, the GO KIDS Initiative was established to identify resources that offer basic fundamental services to inmates and their families, and, in, particular, their children. These resources identify some programs and services which mentor and encourage parent/child relationships; provide support in the areas of health, legal counsel and employment; offer parenting training, stress management training, social and mental health services, as well as home-based interventions and advocacy with schools. GO KIDS also targets programs that are geared toward assisting children in developing a sense of personal safety, belonging, self-worth and responsibility, as well as support and guidance from caring adults.

For more information regarding these programs or the GO KIDS Initiative, contact Lisa Langley at (936) 437-3026.

Programs and services are listed by city, in alphabetical order. Select the appropriate link based on a specific city by name: