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State Counsel for Offenders

Wyvonne Martin, Director, State Counsel for Offenders
Wyvonne I. Martin

Safeguarding the Constitution and promoting justice by providing quality legal services exclusively to indigent persons confined in Texas correctional facilities.


Texas Board of Criminal Justice
State Counsel for Offenders
Wyvonne I. Martin, Director
200 River Pointe Drive, Suite 312
Conroe, TX 77304
Phone: (936) 539-6802
Fax: (936) 521-6723 or (936) 521-6726

Criminal Defense Section
Thomas Brewer III, Chief
Phone: (936) 539-6802

Legal Services Section
Douglas Kim, Chief
Phone: (936) 539-6802

Appellate Section
Kenneth Nash, Chief
Phone: (936) 539-6802

Civil Defense Section
Charles G. Martin, Chief
Phone: (936) 539-6802

Investigation Section
Lester Bashaw, Section Manager
Phone: (936) 539-6802

Administrative Services
Angela Jeter, Executive Assistant and HR Representative
Phone: (936) 539-6802

SCFO reports directly to and only to the Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ) and is independent of and not a division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

Neither TBCJ nor TDCJ impedes, directs, or regulates a SCFO attorney’s independence of professional judgment in rendering services to clients, nor do they interfere with the attorney-client relationship.