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2019-2020 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards

Oklahoma City-Based Program Receives Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award

(AUSTIN) – Warrior’s Rest Foundation of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was presented the Pathfinder Award from the Victim Services Division during the Governor’s 2020-2021 Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Awards program today. The award was accepted by Brad Shepherd with Warrior’s Rest Foundation.

The award is given to an individual or group that has demonstrated leadership qualities in their volunteer service and made significant contributions to the welfare of victims.

The award was presented by Texas Board of Criminal Justice Chairman Patrick O’Daniel and TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier during an online ceremony.

“These volunteers give their time and talents to help others throughout Texas,” said O’Daniel. “They selflessly serve because they feel a responsibility to help others.”

“These volunteers dedicate themselves daily to helping others succeed,” said Collier. “In the coming years, the scope of the precious time and effort that they invested will be evident across the State of Texas.”

Warrior’s Rest Foundation provides wellness presentations and programs with peer support and counseling services to officers or agencies needing assistance. The team is experienced at responding to critical incidents, line of duty deaths and natural disasters to perform mental health counseling and peer support crisis intervention for law enforcement and first responder personnel impacted by such events. During the pandemic, Warrior’s Rest Foundation has provided virtual sessions and small group debriefings for the Victim Services Division. These trainings were provided so that the staff could address the impact of job stress, trauma and vicarious trauma, allowing them to carry out their criminal justice responsibilities more effectively.

Warrior’s Rest Foundation is one of 6 organizations and 16 individuals from across the state recognized for their efforts to help inmates and those who are on parole or probation. They donate many hours of their personal time every year with the goal of changing the lives of convicted offenders and aiding and comforting their victims.

In FY2020, there were 19,589 volunteers who served a total of 220,502 hours.

Note to media: For more information, contact Jeremy Desel, TDCJ Director of Communications, at (936) 437-6052 or by e-mail at