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Parole Division

Contract Information - Electronic Monitoring

The Parole Division uses two types of technology to electronically monitor offenders. The first is Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which is used to monitor all offenders with Special Condition Super-Intensive Supervision Program (SISP) and all sex offenders that have Special Condition Electronic Monitoring (EM). GPS technology allows the Division to track the highest risk offenders’ movements throughout the community and monitor the offenders’ compliance with a pre-approved travel schedule. On average, there are 2,900 offenders monitored with GPS technology. The second type of technology is Radio Frequency (RF), which is primarily used to monitor an offender’s compliance with a pre-approved curfew schedule. On average, there are 1,800 offenders monitored with RF technology.

The Parole Division contracts with the following vendor for both GPS and RF services:

1838 Gunn Highway
Odessa, Florida 33556