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2020 Customer Service Survey

Thank you for taking this brief survey regarding TDCJ's customer service. As part of the state's strategic planning process, agencies are required to conduct a customer satisfaction survey every two years. Your responses will assist us in our efforts to improve state services.

On the following statements, please indicate how satisfied or unsatisfied you are with the statement.  If you do not have any information about a particular statement or the item is not applicable to you, please mark “N/A” (not applicable).

1. How satisfied are you with the agency’s facilities, including your ability to access the agency, the office location, signs, and cleanliness?

2. How satisfied are you with agency staff, including employee courtesy, friendliness, and knowledgeability, and whether staff members adequately identify themselves to customers by name, including the use of name plates or tags for accountability?

3. How satisfied are you with agency communications, including toll-free telephone access, the average time you spend on hold, call transfers, access to a live person, letters, electronic mail, and any applicable text messaging or mobile applications?

4. How satisfied are you with the agency's Internet site, including the ease of use of the site, mobile access to the site, information on the location of the site and the agency, and information accessible through the site such as a listing of services and programs and whom to contact for further information or to complain?

5. How satisfied are you with the agency's complaint handling process, including whether it is easy to file a complaint and whether responses are timely?

6. How satisfied are you with the agency's ability to timely serve you, including the amount of time you wait for service in person?

7. How satisfied are you with any agency brochures or other printed information, including the accuracy of that information?

8. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.