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Rehabilitation Programs Division

Volunteer Program Assessment/Suggestion Form

Volunteer Name:    

Please indicate on the scale below your level of agreement/disagreement with the following statements. A rating of 1 indicates that you disagree with the statement; a rating of 5 indicates that you agree. Space is provided at the bottom of this form for additional comments.

1. My volunteer assignment is satisfying and meaningful. Disagree                   Agree
2. My volunteer service is effective. Disagree                   Agree
3. My qualifications are well matched to the task. Disagree                   Agree
4. Training provided adequate preparation and guidelines. Disagree                   Agree
5. Staff is supportive and treats me as a team member. Disagree                   Agree
6. Department/Division staff provide clear guidelines. Disagree                   Agree
7. Department/Division staff are available and helpful to answer questions and provide instruction as needed. Disagree                   Agree
8. The unit/office is prepared for my visits. Disagree                   Agree
9. How long have you served as a volunteer?
10. How frequently do you report as a volunteer? weekly    monthly    other

Please answer the following questions. If a question does not apply, please type N/A.

Volunteer Program Area:

Notice: With few exceptions, you are entitled upon request: (1) to be informed about the information the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (the Agency) collects about you; and (2) under Texas Government Code §§552.021 and 552.023, to receive and review the collected information. Under Texas Government Code §559.004, you are also entitled to request, in accordance with the Agency's procedures, that incorrect information the Agency has collected about you be corrected.