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Reentry and Integration Division

Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments

Contract Vendor Documents

Budget Adjustment Request

Budget adjustment request instructions

  • Use the attached forms for budget adjustment requests
  • The Excel worksheet form is to be used for all expenditure line item adjustment requests
  • For each expenditure adjustment request:
    1. Enter the annual budgeted amount per the current budget in column A or B
    2. Enter the requested adjustment in column C
    3. The revised budgeted amount (column D) is formulated and will calculate the revised budget total
    4. Blank expenditure lines are to be used for requested adjustments not listed on the form
    5. Additional rows may be inserted if needed
  • The Word document form is to be used for providing the reasons and justifications for each expenditure line item request.
  • For consideration of a budget adjustment request, both forms shall be fully completed.

Budget Forms