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Office of the Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is the primary investigative and law enforcement entity for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. OIG consists of the Investigations Department, the Administrative Support and Programs Department, and the Information Systems Division, which oversees the Offender Telephone System. OIG investigators are commissioned peace officers assigned throughout the state.


Investigations Department

The Office of the Inspector General - Investigations Department investigates violations of state and federal law committed by offenders, employees, contract staff, visitors, and free-world individuals who involve themselves in subversive criminal activities that have the potential to breach the security of TDCJ facilities. The Investigations Department is also responsible for investigating complaints against employees regarding misconduct in violation of established TDCJ administrative policies.

Contact Information

Office of the Inspector General
Investigations Department
PO Box 4003
Huntsville, TX 77340
Telephone: (512) 671-2480 or (936) 437-5103
For Complaints: Toll Free (833) 296-9818
Fax: (936) 437-5138

Administrative Support and Programs Department

The Administrative Support and Programs Department is responsible for budget and human resources activities, records management and information technology support. This department is also responsible for coordination and management of the special task force investigative operations, as well as the Fuginet and Crime Stoppers programs.

Task Force Investigative Operations

In addition to the law enforcement investigators assigned to prison units and regions across the state, OIG has investigators assigned to fugitive and gang task forces. These investigators, working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement, focus on identification, location and capture of violent parole violators and the apprehension of escapees. They also target prison gangs and their counterparts for prosecution of organized criminal activities. During FY 2011, the task force initiated 1,870 fugitive investigations. The Inspector General also implemented a program for criminal analysts to receive daily reports on absconded sex offenders.

From September 1, 2010, to August 30, 2011, OIG criminal analysts studied 1,738 absconded sex offenders, providing information to OIG task force officers and investigators from the Office of Attorney General and Department of Public Safety to assist in apprehension.


Fuginet provides law enforcement agencies throughout the country with direct access to an extensive database of information concerning Texas parolees on active supervision, as well as persons wanted by TDCJ for violation of their parole. More than 4,796 users from municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been granted access to Fuginet. Since modifications were completed in 2000, 11,893 fugitive cases have been closed from information obtained via the Fuginet database.

Fuginet Database External Link Icon   Authorized access only

Fuginet Application and Fuginet Non-Disclosure Agreement   Word | PDF

For application and non-disclosure Fuginet forms, please contact:
   Phone: (936) 437-5170

Other Applications Available to Law Enforcement
   TAGIT (Texas Anti-Gang Information Tracking System)  External Link Icon  Authorized access only
   Online Offender Information System  External Link Icon  Authorized access only

Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority Grant

Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Authority LogoEstablished by the 72nd Texas Legislature in 1991, the Texas Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA) became the first statewide effort to reduce auto theft. The 80th Legislature amended the ATPA mission in House Bill 1887 to also emphasize reducing vehicle burglaries. The resulting agency, the Texas Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority (ABTPA), is charged with assessing automobile burglary, theft, and economic theft (burglary or theft committed for financial gain) in Texas, analyzing the methods, and providing financial support to address the problems.

TDCJ-OIG has been awarded grant funds to combat the automobile burglary and theft problem in Texas from the ABTPA. Parole violators with automobile burglary and/or automobile theft related crimes are located and the arrest is facilitated with this grant initiative.

ABTPA Grantees

Crime Stoppers

OIG coordinates the TDCJ Crime Stoppers program by providing direct access and interaction with law enforcement investigators both inside and outside the agency. The program solicits tips by publishing Crime Stoppers articles submitted by law enforcement agencies in the monthly state prison newspaper, The Echo. During FY 2011, Crime Stoppers received 359 calls that resulted in 128 tips, resulting in nine arrests and payment of $1,500 in reward money.

Contact Information

Office of the Inspector General
Administrative Support and Programs Department
PO Box 1855
Huntsville, TX 77342
Phone: (936) 437-5116
Toll Free: (800) 832-8477
Fax: (936) 438-8443

Information Systems Division

The Information Systems Division (ISD) monitors the Offender Telephone System, which includes the offender electronic messaging service. Working in coordination with the OIG Investigations Department, ISD conducts criminal, administrative, and information investigations. ISD responds to requests for assistance from federal, state, and local law enforcement by providing information related to specific investigations. ISD also helps the Texas Fusion Center fulfill its mission to provide timely information and analysis necessary to prevent and protect against all threats by gathering and disseminating unique gang-related information.

Contact Information

Office of the Inspector General
Information Systems Division
PO Box 13084, Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711
Telephone: (512) 671-2367
Fax: (512) 671-5188

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