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Staff Development

Mission Statement

Human Resources Staff Development is committed to enhancing the skills, knowledge, and professional development of TDCJ employees through quality training programs and innovative training delivery techniques. Our goal is to offer the best, most effective job related training possible in order for employees to improve the level of service provided to our customers, both inside and outside the TDCJ. Our belief is in the value and potential of each individual we serve.


Learning is a continuous process.  Supervisors and employees must partner with each other for this to be successful.  As supervisors, the role as coach is critical. Positive coaching and constructive feedback improves competencies in work performance.  The formula for excellent performance is a combination of learning and application in the workplace.  Partnerships between management and employees increase and accelerate excellent performance.

Enrollment Procedures

To enroll in a class, contact your Human Resources (HR) Representative. The unit/department HR Rep will be able to assist you in the enrollment process.

Training Links

Page updated: 09/27/2017