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HR Administrative Support


The mission of HR Administrative Support is to provide technical support for agency human resources functions, which will result in the enhancement of employee services provided to agency employees. When we excel in providing support to the various human resources program areas and human resources staff, our efforts will be reflected in the quality of the services they provide to the agency’s employees.

HR Administrative Support consists of four operations:

Policy Development and Legislative Review

Program Compliance and Support Operations

Regional Human Resources Coordination

Special Projects

Policy Development and Legislative Review

This department is responsible for developing, managing, and publishing agency human resources policies and procedures. This includes clarifying policies and procedures to the extent possible, to promote understanding of statutory and agency requirements, and to allow ease of implementation. The policies are periodically revised to reflect changes in legislation and agency operations. Proposed revisions and new policies are sent out to directors, managers, and human resources staff to obtain comments or suggestions. During each legislative session, this department is responsible for reviewing and analyzing proposed legislation that has the potential to impact the Human Resources Division. This department also coordinates the development of various legislatively required publications relating to the recruitment and retention of agency employees and workforce planning. The department also provides technical writing assistance in the development of various agency documents and communications

Program Compliance and Support Operations

The staff of this department evaluates and monitors compliance of human resources functions throughout the agency with human resources policies and procedures. The functions of this department include monitoring and implementing budgetary and fiscal functions to maintain and utilize resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. In addition, these staff members perform Operational Reviews to provide an evaluation of how policies and procedures are being accomplished and provide feedback to agency human resources employees. This department monitors the inventory and obtains supplies, equipment, and furniture needed for the headquarters and regional human resources staff. They also provide employee services and support for all employees in human resources Headquarters.

Regional Human Resources Coordination

There are seven TDCJ human resources regions located throughout the state. Six of these correspond geographically with the Correctional Institutional Division (CID) regions. The seventh HR region includes all Parole locations and Austin administrative offices. Each HR region includes a regional HR coordinator who provides technical oversight, supervision, and coordination of all HR functions within the region. The names and addresses for the HR coordinators are provided in the table below.

Human Resources Regional Office Locations

Region I HR Office

Lynn Stubblefield
Regional HR Coordinator
1206 Ave. I
Huntsville, Texas 77340

Region II HR Office

Jean McKellar
Regional HR Coordinator
P.O. Drawer 400
Tennessee Colony, Texas 75861

Region III HR Office

Lisa Douglas
Regional HR Coordinator
400 Darrington Road
Rosharon, Texas 77583

Region IV HR Office

Isabel Garza
Regional HR Coordinator
965 Ofstie
Beeville, Texas 78102

Region V HR Office

Bertha Mireles
Regional HR Coordinator
304 West 6th Street
Plainview, Texas 79072

Region VI HR Office

Kimberly Garner
Regional HR Coordinator
1002 Carroll Street
Gatesville, TX 76528

Region VII HR Office

Bernadette Hampton
Regional HR Coordinator
8610 Shoal Creek
Austin, Texas 78757


Special Projects

HR Special Projects is responsible for preparing monthly statistical reports and routinely prepares responses for litigation, open records, surveys and numerous other requests for information from agency management, other divisions, and the general public.  This department develops agency publications, recruiting material, and advertisements for correctional recruitment. Additional responsibilities include maintaining the Human Resources Division web pages to ensure current content and providing technical assistance to human resources and other agency staff.

Page updated: 10/10/2017