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Interactive Ethics Training


Instead of traveling across the state and sitting through a lengthy training class shuffling paper, enjoy this convenient training at a click of a button, sure to save time and money.

Welcome to the TDCJ Interactive Ethics Training Course developed by the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). One of our goals is to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest and to foster high ethical standards for agency employees as well as to strengthen the public's confidence that the government's business is conducted with impartiality and integrity. At the end of this training you will be more aware of the policies and laws that prohibit certain activities related to workplace behavior.

This Ethics Training Course is made up of three lessons that are noted to the left of the screen by clicking "Interactive Ethics Training". At the end of each lesson there will be a quiz. We hope you find the lessons and quizzes informative, beneficial, and entertaining. Please take advantage of reviewing some of the extra information that is available for your review at the end of this training. Upon completion of the training, you will be asked to take a final review and provide feedback on training content and navigation. The estimated time for completion is approximately 30 minutes varying on individual circumstances. Please read all information that is presented during this course and be sure to understand your options before clicking on a button. We appreciate any of your comments regarding this training, please send your comments to: Makayla Wiley.