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Lesson 2: Outside Employment

Lesson 2

Acceptance of employment with the agency obligates an employee to give agency job duties and scheduled hours priority over outside employment duties and hours. Employees may not accept or maintain any outside employment that would represent a conflict of interest, interfere with regularly assigned agency duties or working hours, or require the utilization of or derive benefit from state resources. An employee's work hours or cycle will not be changed to accommodate outside employment.

Conflicts of Interest 1) employment that might require or induce an employee to disclose confidential information acquired by reason of employment with the agency; 2) employment or receipt of compensation that could reasonably be expected to impair an employee's independence of judgement in the performance of the employee's official agency duties; 3) employment that was intentionally or knowingly solicited, accepted, or agreed upon because the employee exercised his or her official agency powers or duties in favor of another; or 4) employment that includes activities conducted for personal profit that could reasonably be believed to be contrary to the best interest of the agency.

Use of State Resources As fully described in ED-02.01 Ethics Policy, no state resources are to be used for personal profit or gain. Such resources include but are not limited to state equipment, computers, telephones, copiers, services, vehicles, inmate or employee labor, and time. Outside employment activities must be clearly distinguished from agency activities.

The publication and distribution of state office locations, telephone numbers, or addresses for the purpose of furthering outside employment activities are prohibited. Combining outside employment business activities with assigned agency duties during assigned agency work hours is also prohibited.

Approval Process Prior to commencingoutside employment, employees must complete and submit a Request for Outside Employment form and receive approval in accordance with the procedures lined out in PD-80 Outside Employment.

If you would like to review the entire Outside Employment Policy Directive, it is available through Mainframe InfoPac or from your Human Resource Representative.

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