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Victim Services Division

Victim Impact Statement

The Victim Impact Statement has become an important tool in the criminal justice process. It is used by district and county attorney's offices, judges, and parole board members.

The Victim Impact Statement is a form that records the impact of an offense on a victim of the offense, guardian of a victim, or a close relative of a deceased victim and to provide the agencies, prosecutors, and participants with information needed to contact the victim, guardian, or relative if needed at any of a prosecution of a person charged with the offense. The Victim Witness Coordinator at the district or county attorney's offices provide the victim with the form. For more information concerning the victim impact statement refer to Publications in this section and look for the publication It's Your Voice.

To receive a victim impact statement you may contact your local district or county attorney, contact the Texas Crime Victim Clearinghouse at toll-free (800) 848-4284 or refer to Publications under this section.